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Introducing the Mahoe range of sawmills from New Zealand.

Designed and built by experienced sawmillers, these saws really will save you money, and minimize the effort you put in for each finished board, with no need for a re-saw, as the Mahoe cuts a finished timber with each pass.

The mills are power fed - lever operated from the end of the machine - meaning no pushing through the timber even when slabbing (max 1.5m).


The running costs are minimal, and the saws are rugged and simple.

They work on a twin-blade principle meaning that every time you make a pass with the mill, a finished timber is returned to you.

In the kiwi tradition these sawmills are built to work hard in extreme conditions for long hours.

Petrol and diesel variants are available.


Servicing and maintenance are simple. Built-in sharpening keeps saw doctors costs to a minimum.


The Minimax

This is the entry level model powered by a 35hp V twin petrol engine.

The Supermill

This is the Mahoe flagship sawmill featuring a Kubota diesel and hydraulic rise and fall. Click on the links for more information.


For more details contact us by email or call Tom Vanstone on 07849 975363.



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